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Are you a tourist, or simply a New Zealander that likes to wander in the wilderness, but you have no idea where to go or how to get there?

About Us

Are you in need of the right information

We have information of some of the great walks in New Zealand? Getting the right insights will help you create you own adventure. Our website is devoted to making sure that you are brought closer to your dream of getting out there and ‘giving it a go’. We all have to start somewhere however it is best to be prepared first. That is where we come in. When you visit us, you will not only come across great content relating to hiking and tramping you will also come across articles written by people just like yourself. People with stories and tips on how to find your little remote part of New Zealand so you can find that peace that only a real intrepid journey can give you.

If so, we are right here for you. Many consider a stroll to be a good form of exercise. We understand why it is important for you to be armed with the right information. As a result, when you visit our website at, you will learn a lot about several great walk paths that are present in New Zealand.

Why Choose Us?

Why Us?

We are the best at providing you with reviews and stories on all you need to know to have the best walk, hike or tramping experience. 

We set out to be a reliable platform where the right  walking, hiking and tramping details can be found. We also understand it is important to be equipped with the best equipment and advice , as this will keep you safe and keep you motivated should things get tough out there. Its all about adventure however with the right knowledge and gear everyone will have a great time and come back safely.